How to install Free SSL on cPanel

Many new comers to hosting search and ask about how to install a free SSL on their own websites.There is no doubt that you will need an ssl on your website for security and trust from your visitors.At wehost we understand that users need ssl and we included the option on our shared hosting which is provided by let’s Encrypt.How ever in the tutorial we are going to use the manual option in the next tuotorial we will use the automated way.

Before we start make sure you change your nameserves of your domain provided by your hosting company.

Step 1: Login to cPanel :

Step 2: Goto
Enter your domain name and the www version seperate them with space this is to make sure you have all the versions of your site secured once that is done you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 3 : Verify Domain Name

Select the method you want to verify you domain with, if you know you cpanel password and username i highly recommend you use the automatic method , i have used it several times it saves you the hustle of downloading and uploading files to your server, how ever if the automatic way fails there is a guide on the manual way on the website.

1. Enter your cpanel host ip or domain name

2. Enter your cpanel or ftp username

3. Enter your cpanel or ftp password

Once you have setup all that click the download button it will taka a munite or less depending with your computer speed and internet speed

Step 4 : Add SSL on cPanel

Once the page is done loading you will be redirected to a page where you will copy the text you will paste in your cpanel. Remember we had login in into our cpanel account its now tile to use the cpanel to finish the processs.

Navigate to security tab and click SSL/TLS

Click the last link under Install and Manage SSL for your site               (HTTPS)

Select Domain Name you want to install SSL Certificate

Paste the text fields 1 2 3 repectively in their oder as you see them on to cpanel

Once you are done pasting the content click install and it will save and reload. a sucess message will be shown after a succeful installation

And thats it Job done.

Please note your domain will not automatically redirect to https after installing ssl by the above method. If you are using WordPress you can install a plugin – Relly Simple SSL to make a redirect to https hassle free

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