The Cheapest web hosting in Harare Zimbabwe

As life changes and business evolves in this digital age, having a website has become important. Many organizations in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and the rest of Southern Africa have invested resources into digital specifically, online platforms.

Smaller businesses have however overlooked this opportunity based on a misconception that running a website is expensive. Well, it is not even that “expensive”; you can sacrifice a cup of coffee or two and your website will be up and running in minutes.

wehost Africa is offering their basic web hosting package at only 66 cents USD per month. Isn’t this affordable considering that you get:

  • A free domain for your business
  • 10 email accounts
  • Unlimited resources for traffic and storage

We hope that this small blog has been useful to you. You may want to know a little more before making a decision on which company to host with. Here are a couple of points you may need to consider:

1. Price

In every Business, one of the main objectives is profitability. Hence, minimizing expenses is key at every opportunity, of course not at the expense of quality. Check your lowest web hosting prices first, then take a closer look at features like space and speed which is the next point:

2. Space and speed

When you now have a list of the cheapest web hosting providers, compare the disk space, ram and processor available. You surely don’t want your potential clients closing your website or application due to slow speeds before they have read enough about your Business! Also, remember checking out the space as this determines how much information you can store on your web hosting provider’s servers.

3. Billing

In most cases, cheaper web hosting companies bill you annually. As much as it is good for them, your budget may be lean. Companies like wehost allows you to purchase your preferred package for 3 months, as well as 6 months. There’s definitely no excuse for not having your website online.

4. Support

Cheap means nothing without support! In technology, there are errors that may go beyond your access for you to even think of troubleshooting and solving. For this reason and many others, you need to be able to contact your web hosting provider easily and report your issues. Testing a web hosting company’s support is simple. Visit their website during working or prescribed live chat hours and send a message to see how quickly they respond. Alternatively, send a whatsapp message and see how long it takes them to answer you back.

If they offer a web hosting trial, go for it and report a simple fault, see their reaction and rate out of ten.

5. Security

If Google lists your website as dangerous, users will be advised to visit at their own expense. As a web user, would you risk visiting a site like that? Not many would try. While you thought making your website secure can cost you a few dollars, with wehost it is free. Your web hosting provider should offer security services for free. Remember, in Business, you have to minimize expenses.

6. Available Email accounts

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelance or an organization with a large structure, you will need more than one email account for different departments or queries. You may need an,, or hiring and support.

In closing, we can say web hosting is cheap and affordable. Before purchasing, check the space, speed, billing, support, security and available email accounts amongst other features. Once satisfied do not hesitate to buy your hosting and put your business online. As wehost Africa, we have affordable web hosting services, probably the cheapest in Harare, Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. Click here and make your purchase today. Follow us on social media for updates and promotions.

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